When it comes to marketing, you need:
The brand. The talent. The story.

At a Glance

Branded Content Marketing

BMUR Branding Group specializes in providing branded content and consultative marketing services. It's all about the right content, to the right audience, at the right time.  

What Clients Say

Tom Manion, Founder – Emerald Talent Consulting

"Brittney was instrumental in helping me articulate my company messaging and in creating a website. Not only does she have a keen sense for staffing and recruiting, but her industry knowledge makes her an expert at marketing these kinds of businesses. In addition to being a great writer, Brittney has general marketing experience that is invaluable to get to tap into, making her a great consultant to her client companies."

Matthew Suber, Product Designer – Facebook

"As a product designer, it's important to me that the products I stand behind are put forward in the best way possible and Brittney has been an excellent partner in hitting those goals. She has a keen awareness of the audiences, asks the right questions and is able to contribute on a variety of levels to the development and execution of a successful marketing strategy."

Scott Graham, Founder + Lead Consultant – Top Growth Hacker

"Quite simply, Brittney is one of the most talented writers and content strategists that I have ever had the pleasure to work alongside. Her real differentiator is taking what most would see as a mundane topic, finding an interesting angle, and exploiting that thread into a truly engaging narrative. Her style manages to be authoritative (which is necessary in thought-leadership) while remaining personal, consumable, and conversational."