Employer Branding


Talent acquisition and recruiting will always influence company culture – and vice versa. And reaching top talent is imperative to growth and success. Brand with purpose. Reach the talent you need – by telling your story better. 

Additionally, how you train, invest and develop your people will directly correspond to your ability to attract and retain top talent. Know the market, identify the white space and brand in your sweet spot. 

BMUR specializes in: Social Networking & Recruiting, Talent Acquisition, Competitor Analysis, Training Content, Messaging Guides  

Content Marketing


Nothing can replace original content, created for and owned by the company. 

From curating, to writing and editing original content, to disseminating it across company platforms and social media channels, branded content for targeted audiences is the key to inbound marketing. It contributes to the overall brand and establishes individuals as thought leaders, and the company as an authoritative industry resource.

BMUR specializes in: Blogging, Executive Ghost Writing and Thought Leadership, Article Writing and Pitching, Landing & Web Page Content, Data Report Writing & Analysis

Project Management


New projects and initiatives come up all the time. Use an expert project manager to embed as a marketing lead on behalf of the company and manage resources, timelines and marketing deliverables to ensure the successful completion of key projects.

Don't try to source marketing consultants, digital services or public relations professionals alone. Tap into the network of established professionals and meet your business marketing objectives.

BMUR specializes in: Campaigns, Public Relations, Social Media Management & Strategy